Wildlife garden

Client brief

\"The client wanted to make better use of space available to the family while trying to maintain a sense of seclusion. Where possible, existing mature planting was to be reinstated, while introducing a more structured theme to the garden.\"


A once structured garden had outgrown the available space resulting in many areas being unusable and a serious lack of light reaching through to the house.


Generous amounts of space were opened up by reinstating a large formal lawn area for family use. Structured planting and the wooden screens introduced elements of interest into the garden and help to keep the sense of seclusion the client were keen to maintain. Large existing conifers were moved to help frame the wooden screens and tie them into the garden, helping to create the impression of an established garden. Additional evergreen planting acts as the formal year round structure of the garden with perennial planting adding vibrant splashes of colour throughout the year.