From Start to Finish

By working closely with the client we aim to create a garden that is unique to their situation and give them a garden they can be rightly proud of.

To do this we work through the following process:

Initial Site Visit

Look at site and determine the clients requirements

Show examples of previous projects

Discuss clients 'must haves' and budget available

Initial garden survey

Concept Drawings

Produce concept sketches and show to client, working towards a preferred design/style of garden

Clients can give feedback, refine their ideas and add anything they wish to be included in the garden

Detailed Design Plans

Present detailed plans to client, these include:

Scale drawings of whole garden design

Detailed drawings showing materials to be used

Cross section drawings to give indication of levels in garden

3D sketches of how features will look

Idea of planting plan

Drawings are hand drawn and will be left with the client if they have agreed to the designs.

Detailed construction drawings can be supplied if required at an additional fee.

Construction Phase

Following on from a successful design process we will provide:

The client with a detailed breakdown of costs.

Timescales for the build of your garden and agree start time.

Red Leaf Gardens team of skilled landscapers will begin work on your new garden.

Arrange for all deliveries to and from site.

Ensure all work carried out is of the highest standard.

At all stages of the project, Red Leaf Gardens will liaise closely with the client to ensure that they are happy with the progress of the work and to ensure they have the garden they envisaged!

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